N54 Stage 3 CNC Ported Cylinder Head Service (135i, 335i, 535i)
N54 Stage 3 CNC Ported Cylinder Head Service (135i, 335i, 535i)

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VAC Motorsports Stage 3 N54 Cylinder Head with Ferrea valvetrain!

Our N54 Cylinder Heads are built with 50+ years of performance and race engine building experience and offer ideal real world performance without sacrificing reliability.


The N54 cylinder head has a TON of room for improvement, this very common with factory turbocharged vehicles. After 100s of hours of real world design and testing we have found the ideal designs that can be applied to your application. Hot rod street, sprint racing, endurance etc.

VAC Stage 3 heads have our complete and masterful 100% ported design with our world famous application specific VAC Multi-angle valve job applied.

If you need a core we can provide one. Because this is a new engine, please call or email for price and availability.

  • Complete Disassembly & Cleaning
  • Comprehensive Leak, Crack & Pressure Test
  • Inspect All Components For Irregular Wear
  • Our Superior Max Performance Multi-angle Intake, Radius Exhaust Valve Job Using Serdi Equipment
  • Unshrouding of Valves
  • Ferrea Competition Plus valves (stock size or .5mm oversize available)
  • Ferrea single spring design specifically designed for use in turbo engines
  • Ferrea titanium retainers
  • Meticulous full CNC Port and Polish Work to enhance all performance characteristics
  • Attention to Potential Hot-spot Areas and Chamfering
  • CC’ed Chamber
  • All New Valve Guides
  • Trueness Checked & Resurfaced Mating Surface
  • Everything above is a Flow-Bench and real world tested design

Note: All work in done in house by VAC technicians on the finest equipment available. We are a BMW specialist company of 26 souls who work M-F 9-7 and most Saturdays by appointment.





(N54 head not pictured in last picture)