About Racetech Seats

About Racetech Seats

 We have been designing race seats for more than 20 years and during that time, have seen many crashes both real-life and simulated. While the frequency of motorsport fatalities in most categories is decreasing, we believe there is still some way to go to improve driver safety. Our company’s core purpose: “get drivers home” has never been more relevant.


Data collected from crashes shows that in a preferred impact scenario, the driver’s head, neck and torso should all remain in alignment. To achieve this, at the very minimum, we recommend using a seat with integrated head support, using a quality harness and wearing an approved HANS device. This is the accepted standard around the world.


To enhance your protection Racetech produce a range of seats not only mounted at the oor but also back to the rollcage at shoulder level. We call this back-mounting. This enables the seat to become an integrated part of your vehicle’s chassis improving three functions:


First, the seat is more rigid, maintaining its shape and position during any impact. This helps ensure your body is also kept in alignment. Importantly, your harness belts remain in place on your shoulders, retaining your shoulders and HANS where they should be even during any subsequent impacts. A back-mounted seat also ensures your head remains a safe distance from slamming into any part of the rollcage or chassis.

Secondly, the more rigid, stable seating position improves the driver’s ‘feel’ of the car. 

Third, a Racetech back-mounted seat can actually act as a structural element, stiening the chassis. Our 119 and 129 series back-mounted seats are the safe and fast option for drivers and engineers that want to win.

These seats in combination with a quality harness and HANS device provide a full-containment safety solution to get you home first, every time.