350+hp E30 M3 with S54 and 6MT Swap – The White Elephant

This is one of those cars that every single person on earth loves – seriously. This is not a show car. It is a close to 300k mile chassis built to be driven and driven hard -which just happens to be in nearly perfect condition. Yani had us build this beast to withstand the levels of abuse he is famous for dishing out. If you see the Elephant on the skidpad, road course etc. rest assured that Yani is pushing it past 10/10ths – just the way we like our cars to be driven


For those who do not know, Yani ran a 300hp VAC 2.5l S14 for quite a while but he wanted more. S54+6MT = more. The car is making 350+ bhp and 280ftbs. Yes, this is a far cry from our 470+hp race engines but the goal for this engine was very modest. A dead reliable and bulletproof 350hp S54 is the perfect solution for Yani’s needs.

Notable Mods:
VAC Built S54 – CP pistons, SP rods, Schrick cams
VAC cable throttle conversion kit
VAC high capacity radiator
VAC VANOS Elimination Kit
ZF 6MT swap
Clutchmasters FX300
VAC built differential
Brembo BBK
Ground Control suspension
VAC S54 conversion shifter
and much more…

ps. the VAC VANOS Elimination Kit is responsible for the aggressive idle.



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