Charbel's Blazing Brilliant E30 M3


Our friends at Dent Sport Garage, known for there high end Japanese car builds did an excellent job with Charbel's beautiful E30 M3 sitting on Fikse FM10s.

Using an extensive line of our VAC parts, components, and a (barely street) Race engine, we had the pleasure of delivering a high performance E30 M3 street machine to two of our favorite customers; brothers, Ziad & Charbel.


To our knowledge; no one has a street driven E30 M3 like this, at least in North America...
They started with a VAC Race Engine with 2.5L sport Evo block, VAC MoTec Standalone ECU Kit & dyno tuning, VAC Stroker kit with a 13:1 compression ratio CP pistons, Arrow Rods, a 2.5 liter bored block, VAC MLS Gasket, ARP Hardware all throughout, VAC Bearings, VAC Stage 3 head with VAC valve springs & Ti Retainers, Ported and polished runners & throttle bodies, VAC DTM Carbon Airbox Kit, VAC Megasump Oil Pan, VAC twin-disk clutch, huge Schrick Race cams, VAC shim-under buckets, OSG rear differential, ATL fuel cell with external Bosch pump, Tomei FPR, ///M GmbH Sport-Evo headers and much more.

Everything was mocked up and tuned into what was essentially a race car, before they go for the respray.





After a bit of driving, with a race engine, the brothers decided that something a bit more mild, with street fuel friendly compression, and cams would ultimately allow for a more enjoyable street car. A Race S14 just doesn't want to be driven for groceries.

So, It they back down to VAC, from Massachusetts, for milder cams and pistons and a street tune.


We selected our CP 11:1 pistons, and a (very aggressive for street use) 308/292 camshaft combination.
Still a killer with, as they say in Boston "wicked ahhhsome" power!