Anderson's "AT-AT" E92 M3




With its modern, sleek, yet primal exterior, the reference to the ominous and hulking 4-legged attack vehicle from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back is a fitting and immediate parallel (for the geeks among us anyway).
Andersons beautiful white-on-red E92 is exquisite and tasteful, with just the right mods to make it at home whether Anderson is busy zipping around the streets of Philly, or the track.


This car is fitted with a Recaro drivers seat, Eisenmann ExhaustApex ARC8 wheel package, Performance Brake Pads & Fluid, and a few other details that helped Anderson capture 1st place in Enthusiast Class in the 2010 Redline Time Attack @ NJMP, clocking in a time of 1:17.638, even faster than 1st place in a class above his (Street Tire RWD) that clocked in 1:17.4, he is scorching!

e92_anderson_rear_quarter_b w_cp




 A mean stance, poised handling and excellent ride provided by TC Kline Suspension




Sadly, Anderson's car was met with a collision in a accident while driving on the road. His Recaro seat and VAC FMAs held up just fine. 


While the car was being repaired with a new lease on life, we assisted Anderson with his new toy, a Nissan GT-R that we fitted with downpipes and upgraded brake pads and tires for track day fun.