4.6L Supercharged E92 M3

We provided extensive, in-house maintenance service and performance upgrades for this E92 M3. This S65 features our Stage 2 Performance Heads, 4.6L Stroker Kit, Main and Rod Bearings, Schrick Supercharger Cams, and CP Carillo Pistons. We also added our Oil Pan Baffle before rebuilding the supercharger and on-site tuning post assembly and engine run-in! 


Build List:

E92 M3 S65:

  • VAC Stage 2 Performance Heads

  • VAC S65 4.6L Stroker Kit

  • VAC Main Bearings

  • VAC Rod Bearings

  • VAC/Schrick Supercharger Camshafts

  • CP Carillo Pistons

  • VAC Oil Pan Baffle

  • Full Assembly by VAC

  • Tune by VAC

  • Supercharger Rebuild