Yani's 'Street Terror' E30 M3

2008 - Yani's infamous E30 M3 fully prepared by VAC

Equipped with a VAC Motorsports Ultimate Fast Road S14, & KMS ECU tuned for street or track use; Yani and his E30 M3 are a serious force to be reckoned with....
This car can pull Corvettes and E46s M3s on the highway and loose just about anything on the track. All this with a wet-sump oil system, pump gas, Ground Control coilovers and street tires. This is a great respresntation of our best selling street E30 M3 customers.

yani_track_wet_3_ w_4

Say hello to Mr. GT3 RS!

Say good bye! ... falling behind... Whoa! :P

With 275+BHP (Dyno verified at 224 WHP initial and 235WHP after break in on pump 93 octane) a streetable idle and driveability, Yani and his car are proof the E30 M3 is the ultimate 'Race Car For The Road'....You can catch Yani enjoying his M3 on the street any time...but we can't show you that part ;)

NOV 2010 Update!

After about 50k miles of merceless beating, countless trackdays, skid pads, drifting, and drivers schools on his S14 with only head gasket replaement, the engine has had an issue in the corners. Time for another engine... but we have a KMS.. So what engine will find its way in??? Stay tuned ; )