VAC's 2010 Open House only 2 Days Away!!!

VAC's 2010 Open House only 2 Days Away!!!

Come one, come all.  We are having our 2nd Annual Summer Event on Saturday August 21st and this time it is an Open House Event that will have plenty of things to offer and do.  We will have several guest speakers including Lake Speed Jr. from Gibbs Racing Oils talking about the latest in racing oil technology and Chad Brackens from AiM's East Coast branch will be showing AiM Dash and Display Products as well as the Smarty Cam and answer all your questions.

You will be able to tour our Performance and Race Shop which offers dyno services for BMWs as well as other makes, as well as our State of The Art Engine Building and CNC Machine Shop.  Our Showroom, Body Shop and Repair facilities will also be open to tour with our knowledgeable staff available to answer any of your questions.

There will be many cars on display ranging from the old and ever popular 2002 to today's modern E46, E8X and E9X cars.  There will be race cars, conversion cars and street cars to check out.  We are also expecting Ottos BMW to bring down a cool Hybrid X6 as well.  (Smile)  What a cool car!

We will aslo have plenty of cool parts on display.  Akrapovic Titanium Exhuasts, VAC Billet Machined parts such as FMA's and Billet Oil Filter Housings, BBS, Fikse, Apex and I Forged Wheels and more. 

This event will start at 11am and end by 5pm?  ;-)  We will be serving food from 12 noon until 3:30 as well as soft drinks.  We expect to have plenty to give away so be sure to attend.  Come alone or bring family members or friends.  This invite is for open to car enthusiasts but if you are a BMW fan this is you Don't Miss event of the year.

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See you there.


Tony Salloum