Scott's beautiful 'New Classic' Euro market E24 M6


 Enthusiasts acknowledge that the E24 has earned its stripes as a true classic with examples like this few and far between. This M6 is without a doubt, one of the finest examples of the "shark" you will find... 

Combining elegant esthetics and performance tuning- such a BMW stops you dead in your tracks... All you can do is soak in the beautiful lines and its subtly and steadily undulating engine note. It looks fast sitting still, and now it sounds and goes fast too... This is a car to lust after.



When Scotts car first arrived from the west coast, it had a Dinan stroker engine and a MAF conversion. State of the art... in 1990 something  :(
While it was quicker than a stock M6 or 635, Scott was a little more disappointed with the way the car drove... the throttle response and steady state cruising were not what they should have been and the car had a sluggish feeling versus expectations. While it was great too look at, it wasn't a cohesive driver. 
This was (incorrectly) chalked up to the car being an older, less refined model with a built engine by most. So, upon finding VAC and talking to our team, It was immediately left to our capable team here to extract the true potential of the M88 powered M6.

After being in the care of VAC, we first addressed the ECU and piggyback MAF sensor, removing these units and fitting one of our KMS standalone programmable ECUs. Scott immediately enjoyed the power and refinement that the Dinan engine could offer over stock, with race car like throttle response. This was done by making more efficient use of the engine; eliminating all breathing restrictions, modernizing ignition control with a coil pack, and dyno programming; releasing HP in the process.

After another year or so of great fun, the radiator was damaged- killing the head gasket in the process. The decision was made, more power ALONG with the same refinement was requested.

We deployed the following upgrades to ensure better reliability, and even more power from this beast of an inline 6:
-Schick Street Performance Camshafts
-VAC Complete Stage 3 head upgrade
-Aluminum E24/E28 M-Series Radiator
-VAC MLS Head Gasket

Power gains and drivability were now hugely improved over what the car had previously! The car is now pushing close to 395bhp yet cruses along and idles nice and smooth. Throttle response is excellent at all RPMs and drivability is highly refined: A testament to exceptional dyno tuning, years of experience, and expert machine work.

See the results below...