Paul's 'Road Warrior Wedge' XT-6

Paul's "Road Warrior Wedge" Subaru XT-6...

was born from the premise of a Rally car for his home. We built the entire car for fun and it’s a blast! This car has been affectionately known as the 'Rhinoceros' due to its color and huge budge on the hood!


Pop said hood.....


Magnuson supercharger! Eat your heart out WRX!
MoTec ECU waiting to be tuned for the ultimate experence.


Spartan Interior with buckets and harnesses, VAC custom track legal roll cage (notice the two A-pillar bends keeping this track ready)


Rally cool...Real world useful...Stack gauge cluster!


The whole car sits on custom rally style suspension with external damper reservoirs.

We had a lot of fun building this car and Paul has a lot of fun driving it... A unique expression of a unique car. This is a fun toy and Pauls noumerious VAC powered BMWs are even better if you can belive it.

Update: 2010, This car is for sale! Please contact us