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BMW CNC Head Porting *Updated*
   BMW CNC Head Porting *Updated*

VAC has been offering BMW port and polish cylinder head services for decades now.

In June of 2013, we added a Centroid A560 Block and Head CNC Machine to our arsenal of CNC equipment. Now most of our cylinder heads are CNC ported to perfection. The list of BMW CNC heads we offer is broad and consists of applications for:

  • M20 cylinder heads (E30 325i)
  • S14 cylinder heads (E30 M3)
  • M50 (E36 325i)
  • M52 (E36 325i)
  • S50 and S52 US cylinder heads (E36 M3)
  • M54 cylinder heads (E46 325i / 328i / 330i)
  • S54 cylinder heads (E46 M3)
  • N54 and N55 cylinder heads (E8x 135i and E9x 335i)
We will continue to add to the BMW CNC cylinder head offerings with time.  Our BMW CNC cylinder heads offer different ports for varying applications such as normally aspirated (NA) and forced induction (FI), street ports or full race ports, etc.  Between the precise Centroid A560, the Mastercam  CAD/CAM software, and hours of training and practice, we are confident that our BMW CNC heads are unmatched by the competition.