KMS Engine managment (ECU/ EMS)

Q: What does the 25 and 35 that is found in the ECU name mean?
A: Some of the most prominent features the MD35 adds are:
  • USB Interface
  • Short-cut protected outputs
  • 38-Channel 4Mb data logging
  • Extremely fast Dual processor technology
  • Connectors with gold-plated pins
  • Q: What's the difference between the MA25 and MP25 KMS ECU?
    A: The MA25 is the Aluminum enclosure model of the 25 series KMS ECU. The MP25 is a plastic enclosure.

    Beyond the cosmetic appearance of the blue anodized billet enclosure, this enclosure also has a special, rugged, moisture resistant interface plug for the in-car lambda/oil temp/water temp, etc. display and a self locking harness receptacle vs. the standard port and harness plug found on the plastic enclosure ECU.

    Both work equally well and are full featured, but the Aluminum enclosure is more appropriate for "mission critical" applications such as race vehicles or daily drivers that are under more crucial standards than a hobby vehicle.