Justin's ''Limitless'' Turbo E36 M3

Justin's "Limitless" turbo E36 

M3 super-car project



Justin sought out VAC as a one-stop-shop where esthetic excellence, performance perfection and complete know-how all meet. 

He knew what he wanted, and scoured the tri-state area for a shop that could take his 325i and make it a super car. After several visits to frame out the general picture, here we took all his wants and needs, and worked out the best products and components to make it all happen. 

 Under the hood, the car was purchased because it already had a basic turbo-kit already installed, along with a built engine. Prior, this 325 was at our friends 'Maximum PSI' for a custom exhaust and OBD1 ECU and tune install.

Now the hardcore work begins! 

Arrival and day 1 of body work 

This car arrives hurtin'! Body looks like its riddled with bullet holes- dented and mangled. The hood and trunk are so tweaked and 'golf ball' dented that there not even worth keeping! Time to sort the rest out... Strip the 20 year old BMW Brilliant Rot off that has since turned a shade of pinkish red.





 Stay tuned for more updates, including:
Custom paint, Fikse wheels, KW suspension, M3 conversion, Brembo F&R BBK, Interior swap to fresh black panels, custom upholstery, Recaro Seats and even more! 



Body work...Updates!

Fenders and prep..





Fenders hand modified for maximum tire fitment effect and minimum camber...

This DRAMATICALLY helps power get to the road, a major problem with most cars with this killer of a stance.