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Dynamometer (AKA Dyno) Tuning

Q: How much will dyno runs / tuning sessions cost at VAC?

A: There are (3) types of Dyno Services:

1) OEM ECU Tuning : The initial starting cost for dyno tuning factory engine management vehicles is:

Most OBD1 (custom tuning) starting at:$599
Most OBD2 (custom tuning) starting at:$999

This includes hookup to dyno, VAC software programming, & ECU Chip or Flash depending on ECU. The average tuning time can, and will vary depending on parts chosen, notes, components, programmers, accessories, type of engine, and state of tune upon arrival, ect. BMWs that are radicaly modified or with forced induction/power adders will usaly require extra dyno time.

2) Baseline: AKA “Power Pulls” with wideband O2 and printout 
We give you up to 5 pulls, with charts to make sure we get you accurate numbers, most shops only do 3.

3 Power Pulls: w/ Wideband O2, with print out$75    (Mustang Dyno)
5 Power Pulls: w/ Wideband O2, with print out$95    (Mustang Dyno)
Up to 8 Power Pulls: w/ Wideband O2, with print out$135  (Mustang Dyno)
Hourly Dyno Tuning service:$105-$145 per hour*
*Price depends on ECU tuning system*
Self Tuning / Rent Dyno(Not available at this time)
Most OBD1 custom tuning starting at:$599
Most OBD2 custom tuning starting at:$999

5 runs give your car much time for the engine, oil, and drivetrain to come up to temp; this takes much longer than the coolant. The whole idea is to simulate real world conditions; patience along with acurate data loging is the best way. We install the wideband O2 sensor for an accurate reading. Our service cost a little bit more than others because we are using the best equipment on the market and the best trained staff. We typically use our Mustang dyno. Our Dynopack dyno requires your cars hubs bolted to it, taking a bit longer, but offering exceptionaly accurate and repeatable results; these results cannot be skewed by tire pressure, tie down, or wheel weight as on other dynos.

*some vehicles with unconventional exhaust configurations may incure a small extra fee*

3) Standalone/ Aftermarket ECU Tuning : The initial starting cost for dyno tuning a custom programable ECU starts at:

$899   for most vehicles,
$1199   for most Forced Induction vehicles

This includes hookup to dyno, and dyno tuning. The average tuning time can, and will vary depending on parts chosen, notes, components, programmers, accessories, type of engine, and state of tune upon arrival, ect. BMWs that are radicaly modified or with forced induction/power adders will usaly require extra dyno time. This is an hourly service so cost can be higher than starting prices. Standalone ECUs will vary on price between $130-190 an hour depending on their complexity and the vehciles engine.


Rentals: Sorry, we do not offer rental of our dyno for personal use. 


Major credit cards and cash are the accepted means of payment, and must be paid in full at the time of service.


Q: Why should I have VAC dyno tune my vehicle?

At VAC, you get what you pay for!

Many “dyno shops” have appeared in the past few years attempting to capitalize on the ever growing BMW tuning market. These shops may feel that it’s easy to go from a retailer to a “tuner”… however; many shops have a lack of experience and the credentials to properly tune your BMW.
Though tuning between piston powered vehicles is very much fundamentally the same, a BMW is not a Honda, LS1, Rotary, Porsche, or anything else. Often times, the secret to tuning a BMW is beyond just air/fuel ratios and timing maps, but avoiding the pitfalls and common mistakes each unique job brings to the table.

We employ state of the art equipment and can tune nearly any popular BMW application. You have access to an engine dyno, but our Dynopack dyno offers you all the advantages of the former, with the key benefit of the engine sitting in its natural environment: the engine bay.  For engines equipped with individual throttle bodies, carburetors, or F/I; engine bay harmonics, and high temperature regions and can play a role in intake pulsation and accurate tuning.

 Anyone with the financial resources can purchase a dyno, but this does not make them a qualified tuner for your needs. Many shops can boast about the ability to tune anything, but at VAC, we employ degreed engineers at a facility with more than 20+ years experience with building and racing, AND specializing in BMWs. We understand the more complex science behind proper tuning for a specific and real world application.

Q: Can VAC tune Carbureted and Mechanically Injected vehicles?

A: Yes absolutely...

We can tune both aftermarket and factory BMW carburetors. Popular carbs like Weber, SK, Solex, Mikuni are all no problem.

We can also tune mechanical injection like the Kugelfischer injection found on the 2002tii and Hilborn injection like those used on our prototype S14 Midget racer engine.

Q: What type of BMWs and ECUs does VAC tune?

A: VAC specializes in state of the art OEM factory ECU tuning for all BMWs, as well as our own KMS and MoTec standalone ECUs.
Tuning for other systems is approved on a case per case basis.

Q: Does VAC tune any other vehicles besides BMW?

A: At this moment, we specialize in BMW only.
We may offer Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and Land Rover in the near future.

If your vehicle (not a BMW) is equipped with a MoTec or KMS ECU, call to discus this option as we have done this in the past.

Q: What kind of power figures will I make on VAC's Dyno?

A:We have great results with our awesome Dynapack Dynamometer! You will get honest, real world horsepower with this top of the line equipment.

The Dynapack in an expensive piece of equipment made for the professional racer and tuner who wants to create a winning automobile, not boast about big numbers. It is a load based dyno that offer greater control and options for the user looking for the ideal real world tune.

Other "dyno shops" try to create appeal for their cheaper and 'ego boosting' dynamometers by spreading rumors about Dynapack dynos. Many shops chose these dynos because most of what they offer are "power pulls", in other words they are just for bragging rights, and often modify their Dynos settings that show altered and 'optimistic' results.

At VAC, we give you the honest results. We have received many letters and praises from pros and club racers alike stating that there VAC Dyno Tune was "the best money the ever spent on their BMW"