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Weber - 40 DCOE Carburetor (40mm)


Purchase Weber - 40 DCOE Carburetor (40mm)

Weber - 40 DCOE Carburetor

Why fuss with old carbs? Get the most power, drivability, and reliability with new WEBER CARBURETORS.

We offer a variety of Weber Carbs at competitive prices.

With a Grand Prix Racing heritage, the venerable DCOE continues to be Weber's premier Carburetor, and is still the standard by which all other carburetors are measured today.
Unsurpassed for full-race use, its infinite tune-ability by way of interchangeable calibrated parts allows it to be tailored to suit any engine and application. Hardly enough can be said about the DCOE. Its features include: ball bearing throttle shafts, piston type accelerators pump circuits, a wide variety of throttle bore sizes.. and, of course, the excellence that is Weber.

When power and street use, or a mild race engine is assembled; many turn to the classic 40 DCOE!
All of our Webbers are from the USA master distributor to guarantee your not getting any second runs, or unauthorized units.

  • Sold as (1) Side Draft Carburetor
  • Each DCOE Webber ships complete with parts as shown; with Chokes and Jets to get you in the ball park when tuning, and the Velocity Stacks shown.
  • Webbers are sold as universal parts; please note that you will likely need an install kit for your specific application.