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VAC - Semi-Trailing Arm Rear Camber/ Toe Adjustment Kits

99.95 84.95

Purchase VAC - Semi-Trailing Arm Rear Camber/ Toe Adjustment Kits

VAC - Semi-Trailing Arm Rear Camber/ Toe Adjustment Kits

Finally; add Camber and Toe adjustment to your Classic BMW that stays put!

You love the dynamics and handling of your BMW but hate the fact you have no control over your rear camber or caster adjustment!
There is no doubt that having control over these adjustments makes the E30, Z3, E21 and other Semi-trailing Arm BMW's handle much, much better! However...

...Maybe you have tried 'Eccentric Bushings' in the past and have come to realize they cause more trouble then they are worth; always loosing their alignment and not fully solving the problem, and leaving you with only one choice of bushing material...
...Or, your lowering springs or coilovers get your right height where you want it, but now you have way too-much-camber! Again, your stuck with a willing chassis that just doesn't handle like it could!

With out proper alignment you will find your BMW will simply never perform at it's peak.