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All VAC parts are manufactured in house, in Philadelphia.

All engines, differentials, gearboxs, cylinder heads, oil pumps and VANOS units are built in house, in Philadelphia.

We have the largest stock of BMW specific high performance engine components in the WORLD. On any given day we have the following in stock:
150+ sets of BMW specific CP forged pistons
100s of BMW specific forged rods (Arrow, Carrillo, SP)
100s of BMW specific cams (Schrick, CAT)
100s of BMW specific valve train kits (VAC, Schrick, Supertech, Ferrea)
100s of BMW specific Cometic MLS gaskets
Dozens of BMW specific stroker cranks (S14, S50, S54, S65, S85)
1000s of VAC manufactured parts (FMAs, spacers, rockers, pulley kits etc)
100s of driveline components

Much much more.