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Wednesday, 02/09/2011

Schrick and Quaife Are Our February Featured Products

Schrick and Quaife Are Our February Featured Products
February will be Schrick and Quaife featured product month.  We will offer 5% discount on any Schrick and Quaife Product for the month of February.  Just mention code FEB11FPS when you order.  Either give this code to your sales rep or write it in the notes section of your web order to receive the 5% discount.

Schrick camshafts or cams were started by Dr. Schrick in Germany.  Schrick cams are extremely high quality camshafts and Schrick offers camshafts for BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, VW and Audi just to mention a few makes.  Schrick is now a subsidiary of AVL-Schrick and all Schrick camshafts, valves, valve springs, followers and other components are still manufactured in Remscheid, Germany.  Schrick maintains the same high quality manufacturing standards as Dr. Schrick but now with even more modern German equipment and technology.  We are proud to be North America's main Schrick importer and largest distributor for Schrick cams and components.

Quaife manufacture quality dog ring H-pattern and sequential gearboxes with universal fitment for FWD, RWD and Transaxle applications.  Quaife truly builds a quality product at a reasonable price making Quaife our first choice when considering sequential transmissions and gearboxes.  Quaife also manufature the patented Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing Differentials or Quaife ATBD which feature a truly maintainance free design.  Quaife's unique design allows the differential to behave like an open differential on corner entry preventing understeer and like a limited slip differential when you apply power therefore launching you out of the corners with excellent traction and thrust.  VAC is the main importer for Quaife BMW ATB Differentials and for Quaife Sequential Transmissions and Gearboxes or any other Quaife product for that matter.  VAC also has all the equipment and the technology to machine out the new BMW welded-in ring gears and modify the ring gear to accept the Quaife Diff.  A service only VAC has mastered and perfected.  VAC is proud to be Quaife's leading BMW differential and sequential transmission supplier.

With all this and more, why not make VAC your choice for Schrick and Quaife products.  Dealer inquiries welcomed.


Tony Salloum
VAC Motorsports