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Friday, 11/06/2009

BMW Diesel tuning: a boom in popularity!

The popularity of Diesel Tuning your BMWs has been booming this month!
As the first few batches of 335d available for in house dyno testing (back to back in the same two days) rolled in and out, we have sorted what we feel are the safest settings for reliability, ease of use, and safety for the drivetrain / transmission. VAC's Diesel Tuning is a simple piggy back with custom tuning capabilities for any future upgrades that will be released. 

Not looking for power? (You must be joking)... But seriously, our Plug and Play Diesel Tuning Module can actually be programmed to give you additional torque and horsepower (with the same excellent fuel efficiency or better) or be programmed to give you an additional 10% or more in fuel efficiency. 

This is the new trend in Diesel Tuning due to the cost effectiveness, the horsepower and torque gains and the flexibility our module offers.  The process is fully reversible and completely invisible to the manufacturer so the warranty won't be affected.
With open ended architecture co-developed in Europe, we also have the ability to tune the new Alfa Romeo's and Fiat's once they arrive in the states. Audis, Mercedes, VW and many other brands of diesel automobiles, SUVs and trucks... fun stuff, who knew diesels could be so incredibly awesome!

  All this for approximately $800 (Now On sale, click below)! is truly a bargain.  Contact VAC with any questions you may have regarding tuning your diesel powered car, SUV or truck and stay tuned for more BMW, Audi, VW and other fine automobile Diesel Tuning updates and news. 

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