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Thursday, 04/30/2009

May 1st&2nd: VAC in SCCA SPEED World Challenge

April 2009,

VAC Motorsports, a world leading source for BMW motorsport components and specialties is officially participating in SCCA SPEED World Challenge Touring class this upcoming Friday & Saturday; May 1st and 2nd  at New Jersey Motorsports Park (located only 50 min from VAC!)

After a 5 year hiatus from pro racing, VAC returns with the USA's first E46 pro race car thanks to generous manufacturer sponsorships and team determination. The 4 door Touring class vehicle will be piloted by VJ Mirzayan and fully built and prepared in house by the VAC Motorsports team.
Despite the economic downturn racing is an important global pastime and an excellent way to connect with the Motorsports customer base. VAC is committed to supporting those that enjoy the sport of auto racing.

Practice, qualifying and autograph sessions with the teams will take place on Friday the 1st with the race talking place on Saturday May 2nd at 10AM.

For more information and up to the minute updates, check out VAC Motorsports' Facebook Fan Page.  Here you'll find new pictures, news and videos that are updated daily!