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Monday, 07/14/2008

VAC: Video data logging on the enthusiast budget

Data logging is definitely one thing that all professional race teams, whatever their background or motorsports, all share in common.
whether its hard numbers or video playback, going over data after a run can put a perspective on setup changes, driver changes, racing lines, and provide feedback on what the driver or team can do to improve next time out.

Until now, even most in-car video systems have been cost prohibitive to all but the most dedicated racer or professional team. Not anymore.
VAC now caries two exciting brands of video capture devices designed for the racer or enthusiasts on a budget.

GoPro's HERO line
Edge's Edgecam line

Both lines long on features, you can now have true professional grade video capture for well under $800, and entry level 30FPS w/ audio for under $200!

If your having trouble quantifying the changes of your vehicle or driver, or just want to have an exciting way to review track days, Check out VAC's new lines of Video capture, located in the electronics and tuning category:

Electronics & Tuning