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Monday, 07/07/2008

VAC Concept 'tii' full kit now available!

VAC Motorsports is excited to offer the full aero kit seen at the Tokyo Auto Show for the BMW E82 1 series (128i and 135i) in an affordable, all-in-one package.
"The reception of the tii Concept was great. The enthusiasm for a new, small RWD BMW was massive and then BMW released (the concept tii); people went crazy for it"

On the topic of the components them selfs.
"No longer does the enthusiast have to wait for an after market part that may void his or her warranty, or suffer the fitment woes of a poorly made fiberglass or Carbon fiber body panel. They also don't have to endure inflated dealer prices"

The VAC team is happy to announce The "Concept tii" now called BMW Performance Aero kit and all other BMW Performance catalog components are available now.