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Thursday, 05/22/2008

VAC Adds Plug and Play Diesel Tuning

VAC have recently added Diesel Tuning to it's custom tuning capabilities for BMW Diesel Tuning as well as most modern diesel cars such as Alfa Romeo, Audi, Chrysler, Fiat, Mercedes, VW and many other brands of diesel automobiles, SUVs and trucks. 

Tony Salloum, President of VAC says "We have the ability to perform custom tuning on most diesel cars by either reprogramming the factory ECU or by using a programmable Plug and Play Power Adder Module."  Salloum adds "This will give our customer the option of actually placing his or her car on our dyno for custom diesel tuning on the original ECU and seeing the results immediately or purchasing a Plug and Play Power Adder Module that can be shipped out to the customer with the new custom diesel software already loaded."  This is obviously a big benefit to anyone who does not have the access or the time to have the diesel tuning done in-house on our dyno. 

"The Plug and Play Diesel Tuning Software Module can actually be programmed to give you additional torque and horsepower or be programmed to give you an additional 10% in fuel efficiency.  We feel confident that this will be the new trend in Diesel Tuning due to the cost effectiveness, the horsepower and torque gains and the flexibility our module offers.  The process is fully reversible and completely invisible to the manufacturer so the warranty won't be affected" adds Salloum.

 Contact VAC with any questions you may have regarding tuning your diesel powered car, SUV or truck and stay tuned for more BMW, Audi, VW and other fine marques Diesel Tuning updates and news.