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Wednesday, 05/21/2008

VAC Purchases 2008 BMW 135i Project Car

VAC recently purchased a 2008 BMW 135i to use as a Project Car as well as a Development Car and BMW Tuning Car for the soon to be released VAC 135tii Upgrade Packages. 

VAC's BMW Tuner reputation of building, developing and tuning quality BMW automobiles dates back to the 1980s.  VAC will build on that reputation with the expected BMW 135tii Upgrade Kits in the form of Big Brake Upgrade Kits, Suspension Upgrade Kits, Engine Upgrade Kits as well as Styling Upgrade Kits which are expected to include Lightweight Leather Designer Front Seats that are intended to both lower the driver for better Performance and Safety as well as lighten the car by as much as 80 lbs. 

Tony Salloum, President of VAC also added, "We intend on using the car to develop new products both for Performance and Styling and to improve on an already awesome BMW automobile.  BMW has really done an incredible job with the Performance of 135i but we feel that with our BMW Tuning experience, we can certainly enhance the Modern 2002 replacement."  Salloum adds, "Our intentions are to develop new BMW Power Upgrades and Power Adders as well as verifying the Performance gains claimed by many BMW Tuners in the market as well as verifying the VAC BMW Tuning Upgrades on our own car and not on customer cars."  Some products that VAC expects to test are the Active Controller, Split Second's Turbo Tuner as well as other "Plug and Play Power Adders".

There is an Air of Excitment and Enthusiam surrounding VAC and its employees as VAC continues to grow and solidifies its BMW Tuner status in the marketplace.  Salloum adds one important comment, "We will not forget what has gotten us to this stage.  VAC will not only continue to focus on Quality Products and Workmanship, but most importantly will continue to provide the best Customer Service available to the BMW Performance and Tuning market."

Be sure to stay tuned for the exciting BMW 135i Performance and Tuning Upgrades from VAC and as usual, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.