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Saturday, 03/01/2008

VAC Announces Custom OBD2 Tuning Capabilities

VAC Motorsports recently announced that they can now provide performance custom tuning for BMW OBD2 as well as the previous OBD1 and earlier Motronic versions.  Performance tuning for VW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and as well as other european brands is now possible.  "We now have the ability to tune virtually any model BMW that comes through our doors" says Tony Salloum, President of VAC Motorsports.  "We have worked hard and have aligned ourselves with top quality companies so we can provide our customers with the best product and custom performance tuning possible for their BMW."  This certainly can only help add to your BMW's Performance.  VAC is a leading BMW Tuner with proven BMW performance knowledge and serves the USA and international markets currently.  VAC will only provide better BMW Performance Tuning given the constant upgrades and re-investment the company makes in the BMW Tuner technology market.  "Our goal is to be the best BMW Tuner by providing quality BMW custom dyno and performance tuning using our Dynapack Chassis Dyno and our expansive tuning software capabilities" says Salloum.

These new capabilities now ensure that any customer can now get the maximum horsepower, reliability and performance from their BMW and optimize any upgrades they have done.  "The ability to truly Custom Tune your OBD2 car on a dyno as opposed to the previously referred to "Custom Tuning" that many other companies spoke about or sold is significant.  The difference between the two is that by Custom Dyno Tuning your BMW on the dyno versus the other methods commonly sold in the market place, you will often yield more Power, Torque, Efficiency and Reliability which quite often translante to Winning.  As the old adage says, "To finish first, first you have to finish" adds Salloum.  

With VAC's ability to custom dyno tune your BMW for Performance and Reliability, why not call now to discuss your tuning options with our successful BMW Tuner and be on your way to "World Leading BMW Performance"?