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Saturday, 03/01/2008

VAC Main Importer for KMS Engine Managment Systems

VAC is pleased to announce that we are now the USA's Main Importer for KMS Engine Management Systems.  KMS produce extremely nice and simple to use engine management systems that will meet your everyday demands for both normally aspirated and forced induction applications and will do so at prices that won't break your budget.  So if you are looking for a stand alone engine management system for you car, whether it is a BMW or another make, why not consider KMS? 

KMS can also operate control units for motorcycles and snow mobiles and will operate 2 and 4 stroke engines.  KMS also has Fuel Control Units and Ignition Control Units that can be used as piggyback controllers with your OEM or existing management systems, so have a look at KMS for your project.

KMS systems are in stock and ready to ship so give us a call to discuss your needs.  KMS Engine Management are ideal for the enthusiast or professional and can control from 2 to 10 cylinders, two and four stroke.

Check out the KMS engine management page in our electronics and tuning category