Are cylinder sleeves bad for your BMW engine?

There seems to be a bit of controversy surrounding cylinder sleeves and BMW engines.  Oil consumption, excessive noise, sleeves dropping, Alusil blocks not liking sleeves – you name it.  I took some time to talk to our machine shop foreman, (the man with 50 years experience) Tony (VAC owner) and our manufacturing partners (Darton and LA Sleeve) about the drawbacks of using sleeves in the S54, S62 and S65 engines.

Short answer:  There are no drawbacks.

Long answer:  I can say with absolute confidence that properly specified sleeves installed properly will work flawlessly and offer more durability than a non sleeved block.  Track builds, street builds, stroker builds, big HP forced induction builds – not a problem.  We have sleeved dozens of  BMW engines in our machine shop and sold 100s of BMW sleeves to machine shops all across the world.  We always have a few shelves full of BMW sleeves ready for shipment.

Some quotes from our partners:
“The only drawbacks we are aware of are poor installation practices.  It’s the primary reason for almost every issue possible.

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