Alex's 'Carbon-charged' E46

Alex's E46 came in smashed up fairly bad, down on luck and having seen better days. He wanted to just fix the 330 up and move on. After seeing the VAC facility, the enthusiasm came back and the ideas came rushing in....

Feeling like he was "in jail"

Slow, electrical gremlins....and a huge dent didn't help :(

Inspired and confident in the ability for VAC to deliver the 'total package' we all go to work on a full change in direction...Better than NEW!

Alex decided to do it all! We fully repaired the body, added many carbon fibre bits including a CSL style trunk and GTR style hood. A new front bumper with splitters, shadow line grill, color matched the interior panels and added a ASA Supercharger and all the little details that just set it off.



Thanks for having Confidence in VAC Alex! Please enjoy the car!